20130612-123924.jpgBack from a short break with a project I just completed. I ran across a great tutorial for a pillow cover. Inspired by this site (, I decided to take one of my husband’s shirts that he no longer wears, and attempt to create a pillow cover. I wanted to make a unique pillow for his office chair.

While I measured, cut, and sewed I couldn’t help but think of all the inspiration I get from my dear husband. He daily encourages me to pursue my passions and supports all my quirky ideas! Thinking about all the sacrifices he has made for our boys and me warmed my heart and made me so grateful for this man! He has and continues to be a great father!

Wish someone a happy Father’s Day!

Making Every Day Count

image19,725. That’s how many days I have been alive. Funny, we don’t usually respond to the question ” How old are you?” in days. If asked, I could probably give you some highlights of events of some of the years, but not of the individual days.

Sure, everyday counts, but for what? Our days are filled with routine activities…those things we must do. Before we know it, another week has gone by, then another year. It seems we are busier than we have ever been. So, how can we make every day count? Here are some ideas:

  • pay attention…that tired cashier at the grocery store may just need a smile and a kind word
  • listen…when that parent tells you the same story for the third time
  • give…buy someone else a coffee

Making every day count doesn’t take much. It can be as simple as focussing on others more than we focus on ourselves.

What will you do to make today count?

The Problem with Moonshine

imageIt’s not what you think. Moonshine, the bright light from the moon on a clear spring night. A beautiful sight until it awakens you from a good night’s sleep. That happened to me a few nights ago. I couldn’t resist opening the blinds to take a peek at the beauty.

There are times when we all get distracted. Maybe you have some projects you were once excited about but got sidetracked and never finished. I know I have. Let today be the day you get back on track. Give yourself permission to pause and enjoy the distraction, but don’t stay there.

What will you finish today?

It’s in the Bag

imageI am working on a new project. While rummaging around in my stash of previously loved items I ran across a feed sack just begging to be reinvented. I pulled out another piece of fabric….vintage in my estimation, rescued from the early 1990s. Together with an old leather belt from my husband’s discard pile, the creating began. A few hours later a great bag was born. I am still working on the attachment of the belt as a handle. As I worked on this project, I am reminded of the stories behind each piece used to create it. I am excited about the story the new item I created will tell. Stay tuned.

What have you reinvented?

It Doesn’t Cost Much to Pay Attention

imageI have a piece of art in my studio that I created to remind me to pay attention. It challenges me to slow down and pay attention to the sounds of life around me. James 1:19 is a great reminder of the importance of listening .

“…be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”

Are you listening?

Hello, my art is…

imageI have a bin in my studio filled with colorful fabric. Some pieces are new, some are vintage. Some were once used as coffee bags, or feed sacks. These textiles are my canvas. I am an artist. Creating useable artwork from new and previously loved items is what I do. Most items will have a story connected to them. Sometimes, I will share just  an image of the finished project. I hope you will feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me.

What is your art? How do you share it?