Jun 12



Back from a short break with a project I just completed. I ran across a great tutorial for a pillow cover. Inspired by this site ( liagriffith.com), I decided to take one of my husband’s shirts that he no longer wears, and attempt to create a pillow cover. I wanted to make a unique pillow for his office chair.

While I measured, cut, and sewed I couldn’t help but think of all the inspiration I get from my dear husband. He daily encourages me to pursue my passions and supports all my quirky ideas! Thinking about all the sacrifices he has made for our boys and me warmed my heart and made me so grateful for this man! He has and continues to be a great father!

Wish someone a happy Father’s Day!


  1. Michelle

    SO cool! I love this idea, and the thoughtful purpose behind it. Thankful to be connecting with you here!

    1. smhad49

      Thanks,Michelle, for your kind words of encouragement. I hope you will offer any advice you have for me as I begin this new journey.

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