Apr 06

It’s in the Bag


I am working on a new project. While rummaging around in my stash of previously loved items I ran across a feed sack just begging to be reinvented. I pulled out another piece of fabric….vintage in my estimation, rescued from the early 1990s. Together with an old leather belt from my husband’s discard pile, the creating began. A few hours later a great bag was born. I am still working on the attachment of the belt as a handle. As I worked on this project, I am reminded of the stories behind each piece used to create it. I am excited about the story the new item I created will tell. Stay tuned.

What have you reinvented?

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  1. How to Embrace Your Uniqueness | My Thinking Box

    [...] I love to see people express their uniqueness. No one does it better than my wife. In the past few days, she has taken a chicken feed sack, a piece of 1990s material, and one of my old belts and transformed it into an awesome reusable bag! You can read about it (and see it) at storyscarf.com. [...]

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